General Use & Commercial License

This document outlines how you can use the item for both personal and commercial use. An β€œitem” is defined as a graphic, design, or font unless otherwise specified.

***If you would like to use an item for high volume production (above 500 copies) or any volume of print on demand, you must contact ILYB Designs at for a High Volume Production License for each individual item.***

Acceptable Use:

  • Unlimited projects for yourself, family members, and friends.
  • Projects for commercial use to be sold to customers.
  • Graphics, fonts, or designs may be used, without alteration, in the creation of a finished physical product that's sold.

Examples include:

  • Making physical crafts/artwork and selling them at craft fairs and/or online.
  • Printing and selling physical products such as T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, etc.
  • Making flyers for a client, printing and distributing them.
  • Using products downloaded/purchased from ILYB Designs in an app, which is available to download to a mobile device.
  • Using products downloaded/purchased from ILYB Designs in your favorite software such as Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, and Adobe Illustrator to make an 'end product' for sale.

Non-acceptable Use (whether for sale or for free):

  • Distributing files downloaded/purchased from ILYB Designs in any manner, including: selling, giving away for free, or as part of a package of products.
  • Allowing more than one user to use items downloaded/purchased from ILYB Designs to make projects for personal or commercial use.
  • Creating a digital product to sell/distribute which only consists of the letters/numbers of a font, or a design which closely resembles the design element downloaded/purchased from ILYB Designs.
  • Item may not be used with print-on-demand services in any volume without a High Volume Production License (contact
  • Item may not be used for High Volume Production (above 500 copies) without a High Volume Production License (contact
  • Digital cut files may not be digitized and re-sold as embroidery files.
  • Use of images of the item or of the finished product to promote or market your product (this means you can't use ILYB Designs' stock photos or mock ups of items for your own use).

If you have additional questions, please email