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About ILYB Designs

Welcome to ILYB Designs! I help busy moms and working women create gorgeous parties and beautiful unique gifts by designing and creating handmade party supplies and personalized gifts for any occasion. I believe everyone deserves to have a Pinterest-worthy party and give unique gifts your friends and family will truly enjoy and can't get anywhere else. I do the work you don't have time to do!!!

Meet the Owner

I'm Stephanie Miller, owner and creator of ILYB Designs. I'm a former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home Mom to 2 sweet little boys who became my inspiration for ILYB Designs. (See the 2 little boys on my logo? Yep...those are my boys!) And this is me!

Stephanie Miller, owner, ILYB Designs


My Inspiration & Beginning

In 2010 as I was planning my son's 1st birthday party, I spent hours searching Pinterest for elaborate party decoration ideas. I then spent countless hours designing and creating all the party decor...and absolutely LOVED doing it!!!

I realized I was fortunate enough to have the time to devote to crafting everything by hand, but not every mom out there was able to do the same or even wanted to. That's when I decided to help other moms out there who wanted to host elaborate Pinterest inspired parties by creating everything for them so they didn't have to. 

So in 2014, I opened my Etsy shop, "I Love You Bunches", and started creating cute party decor for other moms who didn't have the time to make their own party decorations but still wanted to have a cute and original "Pinterest inspired" party. 

Since my boys were the inspiration for my business, I named my shop, "I Love You Bunches" because that is what I tell them at night when I tuck them into bed.

After the success of I Love You Bunches on Etsy, I decided to branch out and create my own website, ILYB (I Love You Bunches Designs...see what I did there?😁), to reach even more moms and busy women who needed help finding unique gifts for friends and family that couldn't be bought in stores. That's when I added handcrafted gift collections in addition to party decorations.

My Process

All my items are handcrafted by me using quality materials. I'm a "one-woman show" as I like to say. I am a perfectionist and take the utmost care with everything I create as if it were to be my own, paying close attention to detail in my designs. 

I hope you enjoy my shop and will keep coming back to see what new ideas I come up with. It gives me great pleasure to create quality party decorations and gift items for others.

If you have any suggestions of party themes or gift items you would like to see in my shop, feel free to send me a message at

VIP Club

I want to invite you to join my VIP Club so we can stay in touch! I promise I won't saturate your inbox with a ton of emails. (Remember, I'm a "one-woman show", so I don't have time to be annoying!)

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Thanks a bunch!
Stephanie Miller