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These are some of my favorite craft products that are essential for my handmade business. I use these very products to create the items you see in my shop. They are perfect and affordable for any crafter even if you are not looking to start a handmade business. 

Note: By clicking on the links in this post and purchasing products through my links, I may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you). 

Silhouette Cameo 

There are two popular cutting machine brands on the market for crafters...Silhouette and Cricut. Most people fall in love with one or the other and become loyal to that brand. I myself am a Silhouette Girl!

I don't remember how I found out about the Silhouette Cameo and chose this brand, but since the moment I downloaded the software and tried out my machine for it's very first cut, I've NEVER considered switching brands. The Silhouette Studio design program (that you can actually download and use for free HERE without the machine) is so user friendly and can do so many things!

What does it do?

A Silhouette Cameo is the ultimate DIY electronic die-cut machine. It uses a small blade to cut a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardstock, adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, craft foam, and fabric. The professional looking projects that you can make with it are endless!

It's easy to cut shapes, pictures, and text in a variety of different materials to create gorgeous posters, greeting cards, custom t-shirts, stencils or lettering for craft signs, just to name a few.

Bundle DEALS!

When I purchased my first Silhouette Cameo (yes, I use 2 machines on a daily basis), I purchased a bundle because it is the best value and in my opinion, the only way you should purchase a Silhouette Cameo. Not only do you get the machine, but you get a lot of additional materials that you will need to get started crafting with your Silhouette Cameo. It allows you to experiment with various features of your machine. Here are some of my favorite bundle deals.

Note: The machine itself, without craft materials costs (at the time this post was created) $299. For only an additional $30, you receive so much more with a bundle!



...and they come in PINK!


Silhouette Accessories


Depending on how often you use your Silhouette Cameo, you will need to purchase replacement blades and cutting mats from time to time. If you are just an occasional crafter, your blade will last you a long time. But if you are a frequent crafter or run a business with your machine like me, you will need to keep extra blades and mats on hand. While I haven't tracked how long a blade or mat lasts in my business, even with daily use, I can go months with a single blade. Mats tend to lose their stickiness and need to be replaced more frequently than blades.


There are different versions of Silhouette Cameos, so please be sure to know which model number you have so you purchase the correct replacement blade. Not all blades work in all models.

Silhouette Cameo 3 Blades

Silhouette Cameo 4 Blades


Cutting Mats

Silhouette Cameo 12" Cutting Mat - (1 Pack or 3 Pack)


Silhouette Cameo 24" Cutting Mat - (1 Pack or 2 Pack) 


Nicapa 12" Cutting Mat (3 Pack) [a money-saving generic alternative I prefer]


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