Minecraft Party Printables and Ideas Roundup


Since personalized party decorations and gifts are my business, I thought it would be fun to get personal with you and share with you how I plan for and decorate my own parties for my 2 boys. 

My oldest son just celebrated his 7th birthday and since he is obsessed with Minecraft, of course, we had a Minecraft party!

Now, I really tried to keep it small and simple and told myself I was not going to go crazy making decorations for this party. Well, that didn't quite work out for me! Once I get going on a theme, there's NO stopping me except...TIME.

For this Minecraft party I only had 1 week to plan it. Yep...that's right, you heard me. ONE WEEK!!! And that includes making and sending the invitations within that one week's time.

Now, I'm not usually such a last minute planner for parties. I usually start about 2 months before the party gathering ideas (on Pinterest, of course) and narrowing them down to decide what I'm actually going to do. So WHY was this party so last minute you may be asking?

Well...it's summer! My son has had 8 glorious weeks of aggravating me every chance he gets. In a not-so-good Mom moment this summer, I threatened to cancel his birthday altogether. No special day, no party, no nothing! (Don't judge...I was feeling desperate that day. I know you've been there too.) Of course, I knew I didn't have the heart to actually cancel his birthday. So as soon as we had a few good days of behavior, I agreed to let him have a small party with a few friends. 

So, I needed ideas and materials and I needed them FAST!

THANK YOU Pinterest!!!

No time to create my original ideas, so I scoured Pinterest for FREE Minecraft printables and put all these ideas together in 1 week. So here's a roundup of what I did for my son's Minecraft party and links to where you can find the FREE printables to create your own Minecraft party. 


The invitation is the only thing I used that was NOT a simple printable. I did a google image search for "Minecraft invitations" and did a little editing magic with my design program. There are plenty of free printable designs out there that you just have to add your party info to. So, just google "Minecraft invitations" and pick your favorite!

You can download the Minecrafter font free for personal use at dafont.com to create your invitation.


 Minecraft photo booth

How long does it take to get 7 boys to stand still for a picture in front of the Creeper photo booth wall? A. LONG. TIME!!! It literally took 15 shots to get this 1 where they all had their character props in front of their faces. THEN, I tried to get another picture with their masks just below their faces so we could see who they all were. Another 15 shots later... we had it! Cute though, right?!

The Creeper wall was a great decoration that doubled as the photo booth wall. It's original creator used all square paper plates in 2 shades of green and black to create the look. Click here to see that version. I could not find CHEAP square plates, and did not want to spend a fortune on the giant Creeper face, so I used Dollar Tree poster boards that I cut into squares the same size as the black plates I also bought at the Dollar Tree. (It took 4 dark green and 4 light green poster boards and 1 pack of 20 large black plates to create the Creeper.)  I taped them to the wall with painter's tape. It was definitely a conversation piece at the party! 


As for the character props the boys are holding, those also doubled as centerpieces throughout the party.

Minecraft party table

I printed and cut out the eyes of the masks with an exacto knife and then attached them to 12" wooden dowels with packing tape on the back. Download the Minecraft character masks here.

To use them as centerpieces, just stick a couple character sticks in a clear vase you can find at the Dollar Tree with a few glass marbles or "Minecraft diamonds" (also found at the Dollar Tree). VOILA...instant and EASY centerpieces!!!


These TNT centerpieces are so stinkin' cute and EASY!  All you need is a glass vase, red and yellow tissue paper, red construction paper, and a printer. Roll the red construction paper into the vase. Cut a piece of red and yellow tissue paper in half, stack them together and then stuff them loosely in the vase. Print out and cut the TNT label (using the Minecrafter font downloaded at dafont.com) and tape it to the vase and you have an adorable TNT centerpiece! 


Minecraft printable banner

Since I was so short on time for planning this party, I didn't have time to create one of my original banner designs. Thankfully, I found this cute printable Minecraft banner. I added black cardstock triangles to the back of the printables to help them stand out a little more and prevent my cardstock from curling up after printing.


Minecraft party

You can never have too many Creepers or TNT at a Minecraft party, right? I took Dollar Tree red and green plastic bins (I already had) and put Creeper faces on them using black vinyl. You could also use black construction paper cutouts taped to the bins with clear packing tape. The TNT label was printed and taped on with clear packing tape. With everything being removable, you can still use the bins for other things after your party. Get the Creeper face cutout pattern here.

I turned the bins upside down to use only for decoration. If you're having a larger party, you can also decorate the bins right side up and use them to hold party snacks.


Minecraft water bottle labels

I found these cute "Potion of Healing" water bottle labels that were all ready to be printed on water proof sticker labels. Just print, cut and stick them over your water bottle labels to make your water a little more exciting! (No need to remove old water bottle label.)


Minecraft food

Minecraft party

I didn't serve a lot of food for such a small party, but what I did serve was themed. We had Oreo cookies ("coal"), pretzel sticks ("sticks"), popcorn ("gold"), strawberries ("redstone"), pizza ("bread"), and cake ("cake"). I found PRINTABLE food tent cards for all the foods here


Minecraft cake

Cake decorator...I am NOT! But I decided at my son's first birthday that I was ALWAYS going to make my kids homemade birthday cakes. They're not always the prettiest, but they're always homemade from scratch...icing and all! I searched Pinterest for Minecraft cakes and created my own simple version from there.


Minecraft party games

Being a Minecraft party, the guests were invited to bring their device to play Minecraft together. It is pretty neat how the kids can connect into the game world with each other and interact. (If you think a Minecraft gaming party will be quiet, you are soooooo wrong! It may have been one of the noisiest parties ever because they were so excited being together in the same game world they were screaming at one another.)

But I also wanted to have some non-technology games to play. 

I found this decoder message printable that I had set out for the boys to do upon their arrival. It helped keep everyone calm and busy until everyone arrived. (Update 2-10-21: Sorry, the link to this printable is no longer available.)

Minecraft party game

We also played Minecraft bingo


 Minecraft pinata

My boys helped to make a simple pinata for the party.

All you need is a box, red crepe paper, glue, printer paper, and twine for hanging. DO NOT tape the ends of the box or you may NEVER get to what's inside! I just did that special fold with the flaps of the box so they are shut but not secure. (I don't know what that's called, but hopefully you know what I'm talking about.) Glue strips of crepe paper to each side of the box, overlapping them just a bit. Don't forget to stuff the box with goodies BEFORE you close all sides of the box. Attach the twine to the top of the box. Glue the TNT labels around the box. 

The boys had a blast blowing up the TNT!

Minecraft party


Minecraft gift bags

My party pet peeve is a goody bag filled with junk! I can't stand coming home with little trinket toys that break in a matter of seconds or worse, end up all over the floor of the house. I always try to come up with clever goody bag ideas for my sons' parties. 

The Dollar Tree was a wonderful place to find items for the goody bags! I found green cups with straws that I personalized with a creeper face and the child's name in black vinyl. I got the idea for the Creeper cup here. There were Rubix cube blocks with sparkly squares that reminded me of the pixelated Minecraft objects, so I thought they were PERFECT for a Minecraft goody bag!

I left the items out of the bags and on display at the party because they were going to need the TNT goody bag to put their treats in from the pinata. The TNT bags were red bags (from the Dollar Tree - they come in packs of 2) with a TNT label glued to them.

WOW!!! I can't believe I did all of that in ONE week! I'm exhausted just remembering it all.

Leave a comment below, I would LOVE to hear what you think.

I hope you find some ideas you can use for your own Minecraft party!!!

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