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20 FREE Printable Teacher Supply Gift Tags

Stephanie Miller end-of-the-year teacher gift student teacher gift teacher appreciation gift teacher school supply tags teacher survival kit

I can't believe it's almost SUMMER! Ahhh...that means another school year is almost over! Teachers are excited and parents are scrambling trying to figure out what to do with their kiddos ALL SUMMER LONG!

Besides realizing that time is flying by and my two sweet little boys are growing up so fast, it also means it's time to start gathering ideas for end-of-the-year teacher gifts.
end-of-the-year teacher gift bag
This year, my second grader had a fabulous student intern in his class! We wanted to do something special for her at her farewell party. To help prepare her for her first year of teaching, the class donated school supplies to stock her new classroom. Rather than just dumping all the supplies in a big box or bag, I decided to get creative and designed some cute tags with a little play on words to go along with each school supply. 
The tags turned out so cute, I just had to share them with you today as a
This is one of the most complete sets of school supply tags there is for just about any school supply you can think of!
Here are the tag phrases and some suggested matching school supplies:
  1. YOU'RE #1 IN OUR BOOK - bundle of classroom library books
  2. YOU MAKE LEARNING STICK - glue, sticky notes, stickers
  3. YOU ARE A MARK ABOVE THE REST - markers, whiteboard markers
  4. YOU TOTALLY RULE - ruler, "ruled" notebook paper or pads
  8. YOU BRING COLOR TO THE WORLD - crayons, colored pencils, markers
  10. WE'LL NEVER FORGET HAVING YOU FOR A TEACHER - things to do or reminder note pad
  11. WE THINK YOU ARE JUST WRITE - pens, pencils, notebook paper, note pads
  12. THANKS FOR SHARPENING OUR SKILLS - pencils, pencil sharpener
  14. YOU ARE ONE SHARP TEACHER - Sharpies, push pins, pencils, pencil sharpener, scissors
  16. YOU ARE A REMARKABLE TEACHER - markers, whiteboard markers
  17. FUTURES ARE LOOKING SHARP WITH YOU AS A TEACHER - Sharpies, pencils, pencil sharpener, push pins, scissors
  18. IT'S BEEN A GREAT YEAR TOGETHER WITH YOU AS OUR TEACHER - paper clips, binder clips
  19. STAR TEACHERS DESERVE BIG BUCKS - Starbucks gift card, coffee cup/mug
  20. THANK YOU FOR BEING A GREAT TEACHER - collection of gift cards bundled together, any random school supply that no other tag phrase fits
teacher school supply tags
These tags are great to use for teacher survival kits, teacher appreciation gifts, beginning-of-the-year gifts, end-of-the-year gifts or special surprise gifts (just because) throughout the school year to add to your child's classroom supplies. 
Simply print and cut the tags you need and attach them to the school supplies with a cute ribbon or twine and you're all set to surprise your favorite teacher!
teacher school supply tags
HELPFUL TIP: Group similar items together with ribbon or baker's twine and then attach the tag to the set. Some items were taken out of the packages and put in cellophane bags and then the tag was attached to the bag.
20 teacher school supply tags
I hope you enjoy this printable...I KNOW your child's teachers will!
Let me know how you use these FREE PRINTABLE teacher school supply tags by commenting below. I'd love to hear your creative uses for them!
If I left out any school supply items that you'd like a tag for, comment below and I'll see what I can come up with!
There was one more very special personalized gift in the bag of supplies I want to share with you that I know the student intern is going to treasure! She truly loves teaching and loves the children, so we made her a special clipboard with all of the students' thumbprints and names on it. The heart reads, "Thank you for helping us learn and grow". 
teacher clipboard
If you are interested in having one of these clipboards made for your child's teacher, I have a similar version available here. Rather than thumbprints (because obviously, how would I get to your child's thumbs 😜), I use cardstock leaves with the children's names printed on them. These make great end-of-the-year teacher gifts! I have made them for my son's teachers for the past several years and they're always a hit!
I'd love to create a special treasured teacher gift for your child's teacher!

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